About UNW-AIS:

The UN-Water Activity Information System (UNW-AIS) is an online platform to present and share information on water-related projects and learning initiatives from UN-Water and its members & partners. Two core components of UNW-AIS focus on projects and learning activities. Furthermore, a facilitated e-Learning course will be piloted in the new 'Virtual Learning Environment' of UNW-AIS.



A flexible, modular platform serving the needs of UN-Water

In 2010, UN-Water mandated UNW-DPC with the establishment of UNW-AIS. It expands the functionality of the earlier Capacity Development Information System (CDIS) in response to UNWater members' and partners' needs for a UN-Water platform. It also contains various activity mappings conducted under the auspices of several UN-Water Task Forces and Thematic Priority Areas and the IW:Science project database. The content of the UNW-AIS is structured along UN-Water focus areas.
The modular platform has steadily evolved and expanded in response to requests from UN-Water.


Milestones in UNW-AIS development:

Design of 'Virtual Learning Environment' in UNW-AIS

Re-launch upgraded UNW-AIS adding learning section, social networking tools and IW-Science database

Expansion of CDIS into UNW-AIS upon request of UN-Water, adding activity mappings

Launch Capacity development Information System (CDIS)

First mapping conducted


How to use it?

The information system can be used in many ways.
Examples include

  • helping UN-Water Task Forces to identify gaps and potential synergies among projects
  • enabling UN-Water to present an overview of activities of UN-Water and its members & partners
  • informing decision makers, practitioners and decentralized UN staff about water-related projects at country and regional levels in support of planning and policy development


UNW-AIS, the UN-Water integration tool, is hosted and managed by UNW-DPC.